Meet the Staff:

We operate with a minimum number of experienced, highly dedicated employees:

  • Mary Stocco- Shelter Manager, has lived in Virginia her entire life and has been involved with the MHS shelter in various roles over 20 years. She now runs the shelter and manages the staff and volunteers. She has eight cats and fosters many more. Mary’s goal is for the shelter animals to feel safe and loved while they are waiting for their forever homes.

  • Tammy Cuff- Kennel Attendant and backup ACO

  • Jesslyn Poitra- Kennel Attendant and vet tech

  • Laura Hendrickson- Kennel Attendant

  • Kaitlyn Wiermaa- Kennel Attendant

Mary Stocco
Shelter Manager

Tammy Cuff
Kennel Attendant, and backup ACO