Do you want to help animals find loving homes and make their wait for those homes as positive and comfortable as possible? Do you want to have fun and meet amazing people with the same passion as you?

Well, from in-shelter support to at home foster care, volunteers are involved in every part of the work we do. Our volunteers help make our community a more humane place for animals.


Volunteers serve Mesabi Humane Society in many important roles at the shelter, in the community, and in their own homes. Find an opportunity that’s right for you!

Interaction with Shelter Animals

Walking the dogs and playing with the cats is a great way to volunteer your time with us. The animals thrive from the extra attention and socialization.

Foster Care

MHS relies on foster families to care for animals who require extra attention, or to opening their homes to shelter animals when our kennels are full. Examples of animals in need of foster care are animals recovering from surgery, momma cats/dogs with litters or un-weaned kittens/puppies, older animals or animals in need of socialization/training.


Help to plan fun events throughout the year. This is a wonderful way for volunteers to assist the shelter with raising money in order to keep the shelter operating. Bring your ideas; we’re always looking for fresh, new and interesting ways to raise money.


Maintenance is an ongoing need at the shelter. This includes painting, construction, building kennels, kennel repairs and grounds keeping. Maintenance volunteers are on an on-call basis.

Tend Exhibit Booths/Mobile Pet Adoptions/Community Engagement

MHS conducts mobile adoption days with local businesses in the community throughout the year. In addition, MHS is often invited to exhibits at the mall, county fairs and Home, Boat and Travel shows. We are in need of volunteers to assist in caring for our animals during these mobile pet adoptions, as well as to help with booth set up at exhibits. Also; MHS speaks at different community events about our organization.

Area Parades

Volunteers are needed to assist walking our dogs during parades and throwing candy out to the parade audience. This is a great way to socialize the animals in a public setting and promote the shelter.

Web Design/IT support

Volunteers are needed to assist with our social media outlets such as our website and Facebook page. Keeping them current with pictures and bios of pets available for adoption, promoting upcoming fundraisers, announcing our mobile pet adoptions and providing important information about how to keep your pets safe. Also needed are volunteers to assist with computer support.